LeSOS A Wearable device

LeSOS Device Introduction  

(1) We use the current world's newest electronic and communication technologies developed with its own core technology, simple compact structure, easy to carry and high-performance, high accuracy portable personal emergency distress devices. 

(2) The product is small, light weight, does not affect the wearer's daily activities, and can accurately display the GPS location of the wearer who accidents, thus avoid not being known, or looking for the incident by the orientation of the delays in rescue time and serious consequences.


Download App on Google Store (the App was updated on Sept 22, 2016 with Baidu map).
To download the app, you need to run Google Play Store on your Android mobile, then select Apps, click on Search icon, enter "Accident Alert or LeSOS" to be searched and then get list of apps which will contain the app. Click the item on the list and then click Install.  The app is free for Emergency Alarm SMS. After the installation, please register the app by clicking Register icon to the app when your current GPS location is shown on the bottom of the app on Main window. The app can query and be queried (track & be tracked) your and your relatives current GPS locations if the service is valid. 

This LeSOS App is used for a wearable fall detection device with online location support. LeSOS is a “medical alert” fall detection system. It comprises a wearable LeSOS device that communicates directly with this app on a smart phone. When an incident on the LeSOS device is detected an alert message is sent directly to a primary caregiver. Multiple options are available that can be easily set-up by the user including GPS location, language, and extra emergency numbers. The Apps currently is fully functioning in English and Chinese, and is programmed to use either the Google and Baidu mapping systems. The major advantage LeSOS has over its competitors is that it is not connected to a home base system connected to a land phone line. Unlike these home base systems which are dependant upon call centres, LeSOS alerts are sent directly to a primary care giver. LeSOS does not have to charge a monthly fee to cover the cost of a call centre and can be sold for a one-time fee. Not being tied to any home base system provides for freedom of movement for the user to take walks, go shopping, etc. 

This App is a smartphone based solution for fall and hit as car accident detections with online location support. It may save the user’s life. When it detects a fall or hit as car accident event, it will send an alert SMS text message with GPS location information to emergency contacts automatically. It can also make emergency calls if set by the user. Additional information: The App uses the accelerometer sensor on the user’s smartphone.
The sensitivity features for fall and accident collision detection can be set in order to ensure that proper detection and alerts will be made. A timer can be set to send alerts if the user does not respond to the alarm before the timer stops then an emergency alert will be sent out. The user will be notified by a sound when the app is in alarm mode.  More information

This Mini Alert App is a Mini Phone (2.4") based solution for fall and hit as car accident detections with online location suppose. It contains as same functions as Accident Alert. It contains access GPS location so that user can install it inside your vehicle to protect it from stolen. User can use a mobile to query it's location any time your need to find your vehicle, meanwhile when user get a car accident, it will send alert user's relatives automatically. We provide a mini phone with the app. Please contact us by using the contact form.