LeSOS A Wearable device

LeSOS Device Introduction

1. Background 

With the current aging society, elderly emergency relief can no longer be ignored. Rescue equipment is an important safeguard to ensure personal safety, allowing for a more effective and convenient method of providing emergency help for the elderly. Emergency life rescue equipment is also important to offer safety for field workers, children and those who participate in extreme sports. However existing rescue equipment come with a myriad of defects. While hospital hosted dedicated types and camera type emergency rescue equipment show some result, most people find these models difficult to use and/or carry. Push-button phone release emergency rescue equipment life support is easy to carry but cannot automatically send emergency calls. Its biggest flaw is that it must be used in a conscious state; in the event of accidents, sudden fainting and loss of consciousness this model will not be able to achieve its purpose and function. 

As people continue to explore, there are also some automatic life emergency rescue equipment, easy to carry, with automatic call for help, relief of symptoms in patients with type applicability slightly better products, but its high price, power consumption, application complexity, emergency rescue alarm object single defect has not yet overcome. 

2. LeSOS Device characteristics Introduction  

(1) We use the current world's newest electronic and communication technologies developed with its own core technology, simple compact structure, easy to carry and high-performance, high accuracy portable personal emergency distress devices. 

(2) The product is small, light weight, does not affect the wearer's daily activities, and can accurately display the GPS location of the wearer who accidents, thus avoid not being known, or looking for the incident by the orientation of the delays in rescue time and serious consequences. 

(3) high accuracy, and without missed report  

(4) The product is inexpensive, simple production process and low power consumption; America's new low-power wireless system chip and supporting the use of low-power sensors. 

(5) Electric energy devices regularly send smart phones, this phone App can monitor when the energy is too low, the phone App can prompt the user to replace the battery. 

(6) This product mobile communications and intelligence applications need this radio channel. Use of smart phone features and mobile phone satellite positioning, the customer may have, such as the pro issued a distress signal. Reduce the cost of development. 

(7) through the use of satellite positioning and direct display of the parties Baidu map scene and time. 

(8) This product has a waterproof function. Prevent users from falling in the shower. 

(9) This product is in a crash, accidental falls, but also automatic / manual issued a distress signal. 

(10) Use Baidu / Google chart positions of the parties directly indicate accident event, time, contact information etc.